Eco Benefits

Just as Indigenous people have cared for this land for thousands of years, so too do Waddi Springs.

Across everything we do, Waddi Springs are 100% committed to protecting the environment. From sourcing our raw materials, designing our products, powering our operations and managing our supply chain Waddi Springs are continually striving to improve our carbon footprint. Most importantly, our eco-friendly consumer products are made from renewable resources and are fully recyclable and degradable. In short, when you purchase Waddi Springs products you are helping fight climate change and reducing your global carbon footprint.

Our innovative 11L bag │ Packed with Eco Benefits

The Waddi Springs water bag is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly alternative to buying spring water in plastic bottles. The bag itself is 100% BPA-free and tough, yet completely degradable and recyclable. The resin material used in the bag’s production uses less oil then other plastics and is non-toxic to the environment.
Furthermore, buying spring water in this eco-friendly bag – which is effectively a one-way system ensures

  • No fuel waste to collect empty plastic bottles or return refills
  • No resource and energy waste to wash and sterilise bottles
  • Minimal storage, transport and handling costs

Further to this our innovative Bag in Bag water packaging

  • contains GMO free, renewable, plant based material
  • Reduces global warming by sequestering CO2
  • Lower Carbon footprint verified by independent Life Cycle Assessment
  • Bio-based and degradable bog offering. No heavy metal technology
  • Designed to degrade under exposure to sun-light and/or heat