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Our Team


Tomika Johnson - Waddi Springs

Tomika Johnson

Co Founder and Director

Our beautiful Co Founder and Director has a heart of gold.

When you mix that with an entrepreneurial mindset, strong work ethic and perfectionism you have a winning combination. Tomika’s passion for success and helping the less fortunate is a force to be reckoned with.

Tomika’s driving force behind every decision, every sale and every client that we bring on board is community based. Tomika proves time and time again her knowledge, compassion and can do attitude is a huge asset to the company. She proves this within the space of traditional owner groups. These partnerships are not built on contracts, figures and products. They are built on respect, mateship, trust and the social outcome for the community.

‘We are large enough to serve your every need, yet small enough to care’

Tomika Johnson

Cory Reeves - Waddi Springs Brisbane

Cory Reeves

Co Founder and Director

Cory’s compassion and laid back nature shines through on everything he produces. His passion for providing the purest, cleanest spring water in innovative and environmentally friendly concepts keeps us ahead of the game. His proudest product to date would be the bag-in-a-box.

Cory is our go to guy for all things spring water and gadgets. When he is not researching the latest cooler models or tweaking final details on customised labels, Cory will be found brainstorming ideas to help rural indigenous communities. Cory’s motivation within this space is his passion for partnering with other indigenous companies and traditional land owner groups. Seeing the social outcome that it provides first hand, has ignited a strong drive to continue to assist in any way he can. His strength lies within building relationships and repour with elders and traditional land owner groups.

‘I would have to say the most exciting part of the company for me is the opportunities it provides within the indigenous community. Partnering with traditional land owners and other indigenous businesses is where my passion lies. The collaborations and relationships that are built are second to none. It gives us the opportunity to make a real difference within remote indigenous communities. The social outcome of these ventures with traditional landowner groups is life changing. ‘

Cory Reeve

Marnie Vorster

Client Administrator

Marnie comes to us with a strong background in customer service. Her passion in business development and community service is an asset to the team. Her bubbly and infectious personality keeps #teamwaddi focused and in high spirits. Marnie’s community first mindset is why she is the leading force behind all charity ventures. Her passion for human rights and supporting the next generation of indigenous and non indigenous Australian children is inspirational to all that she meets.

‘There is something about being connected to a victim of the stolen generation of Australia that shifts your perspective on the world. My Grandmothers fight for what was right and for the fair treatment of indigenous people has left a fire in my belly. The legacy that she has left will continue to be passed down to future generations. She is my driving force behind every ethical decision that I make and for every community that I would like to help.
The drive behind Indigenous Beverages Australia is more than selling a product. It is creating a platform to produce jobs, skills and purpose in many rural areas. That is my driving force behind this company. The more successful we are, the more that we can give back #teamwaddi. ‘

Marnie Vorster