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Our company, Indigenous Beverages Australia Pty Ltd, was formed in 2015 from a unique partnership between an Indigenous family-owned Goreng Goreng heritage company and BOSwater Pty Ltd.

Our strong brands, Waddi Springs and Waddi Specialty Coffee, encompass rental water cooler and dispenser units, coffee machines, bagged water products, bottled water products, glass water bottles, specialty coffee bean blends, coffee-related and other beverage products.

Waddi Springs and Waddi Specialty Coffee branded products are well-suited to the demanding, rough and remote aspects of the Mining, Construction, Resources, Defence and Marine sectors; as well as Catering and Hospitality sectors, plus Corporate Enterprise and all Government agencies. Indigenous Beverages Australia support the collaboration of services within all sectors to improve outcomes for the Indigenous community.

With a united vision to actively demonstrate and support Indigenous people of Australia, Indigenous Beverages Australia proudly contribute substantial financial support to key community organisations and charity groups.
Brighter futures: Support for communities

Brighter futures: Support for communities

Indigenous Beverages Australia proudly supports the non-profit community development organisation, Indigenous Community Volunteers, through every unit of Waddi Springs and Waddi Specialty Coffee products sold.

Indigenous Community Volunteers, in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout Australia, are working on development projects within many Indigenous communities to help make the basics of life – like clean water and a job – a reality.

Indigenous people are incredibly resilient and resourceful, yet sometimes they simply lack the know-how to turn their good ideas into reality. ICV provides access to skilled volunteers and resources in areas where education, health care and employment opportunities are often limited.
Learn more about the ICV purpose and approach, and discover the passionate people who make it all happen by visiting

Indigenous Beverages Australia also proudly supports LIVIN, a fully registered Australian charity created in 2013 to wipe out the stigma of mental illness and to raise awareness for suicide prevention, once and for all.

Unlike other charities in the mental health space, past and present, LIVIN use fashion, mainstream media and personal profiles to make this change and get people talking about mental health. This strategy is perfectly aligned with their core target demographic.

By implementing their powerful mission, vision and values, LIVIN believe they can change the way people understand and interpret mental illness. Go to for more information.

Our green promise: Making a difference

As a majority-owned Indigenous company, we’re proud of our time-honoured tradition of caring for this land and being stewards of its abundant resources for thousands and thousands of years.

We will continue to do so. We take every effort to manufacture eco-friendly products by environmentally-friendly, sustainable methods, wherever possible. For example, we dedicate our care to preserve our precious source of natural spring water from Bilambil in NSW.

Additionally, our innovative, 100% BPA-free, eco-friendly water bags are fully recyclable and biodegradable, reducing waste contamination of the environment, thus lowering our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

Plus, the dramatic reduction in fuel and other energy costs saved from less handling, storage, returning, sterilising and refilling water bottles, over a biodegradable bag has a significant positive impact on the environment.
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