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Hydrate Face Serum Face WOMAN – Sandalwood & Wild Herb- 25ml


Suitable for ALL skin types: use in conjunction with ‘Hydrate Moisturser’-

Our hydrate serum will leave your skin feeling nourished & restored. Enhanced with a perfect blend of woody & herbaceous essential oils, known for their anti-ageing properties & cell regeneration. On an emotional level, our chosen blend, creates a feeling of grounded-ness & inner strength.

Formulated with powerful healing oils, which hold a fine molecular structure, enabling easy penetration, into the deeper layers of the skin. Packed with collagen mimicking jojoba & regenerating rosehip. Sandalwood, our potent active ingredient, holds anti-oxidant properties which assists in reducing damage caused by free radicals, resulting in healthy, smooth & glowing skin.

Our skin is constantly exposed to the Australian elements, nourish it daily.


INGREDIENTS: Macadamia oil, healing oils of avocado, rosehip, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, essential oils of geranium, sandalwood, clary sage & frankincense, made with love, infused with reiki & charged with mookaite jasper, aboriginal mother earth stone, to enhance strength & awaken connection to the earth.

DIRECTIONS: Gently squeeze the pump, then release. Open bottle, remove pump/dripolator & squeeze again to release serum from tube, into the palm of hand. Apply 4 – 6 drops onto cheeks, forehead, chin & surrounding eye area. Spread evenly, by massaging gently in circular motions with fingertips. Then add moisturiser, over the top. For longevity, store in a cool, dry place & keep away from direct sun light.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Our ‘Hydrate Serum’ has been designed to use, in conjunction with, our ‘Hydrate Moistursier’, to rehydrate & nourish the skin. For maximum benefit, ensure the skin is cleansed & exfoliated. Apply serum to facial area, followed by moisturiser, over the top, to effectively lock in moisture.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Designed & manufactured in Australia. Our products are cruelty free, not tested on animals, safe & effective for all skin types, a small patch test is advisable. All batches are hand-crafted, with natural, raw ingredients from the earth & may vary slightly in consistency, colour & scent and can contain small traces of herbal extract.

BOODJERA (boo-jer-uh) meaning earth – land – country


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