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i9 Chakra 650ml Re-usable Bottle


Influence of i9 Bottle on Water

• Improves Energetic State of Spring Water
• Increases Energy Bio-Field
• Reduces Stress
• Activates Colour Therapy
• Made of High Quality Tempered Glass

  • Volume: 650 ml
  • Height: 26 cm
  • Diameter (max): 8.5 cm
  • Diameter middle: 6 cm
  • Weight – empty: 0.52 kg
  • Weight – full: 1.17 kg


According to the principles of Chromo-therapy, the human body is composed of different colours. Lack of any colour potentially gives rise to disease. An individual is said to be healthy as long as the colours of the spectrum are in a harmonious state. Visible body parts have different colours and the same is true of the internal organs. The brain, eyes, lungs, heart, liver, intestines, kidneys, bones and blood all have different colours.

Our Body needs naturally energized drinking water. When Spring is in its natural (Alive) state it effectively penetrates the cell membranes and promotes transport of essential nutrients to the body.
When we lack naturally energized water our body draws upon energy reserves to revitalize it, thus wasting precious energy which would otherwise be used for self-healing, homeostasis and maintaining balance between the internal and external environment. As a result, our immune system is depleted and more susceptible to potential illnesses.


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